It's coming...

The original WMHBrowser (c. 2010) side-by-side with our newest offering: SonicBrowser.

What's coming?

SonicBrowser, of course! After development on WMHBrowser 2011 went up in smoke with the endless object reference error in v1.0.0.17s, we decided to code something fresh, something out of the box. Well, a browser isn't necessarily an out-of-the-box idea, but SonicBrowser's design method is: we're designing it from the ground up with speed and looks as the main priorities. Sure it'll have bells and whistles like SonicScript (shh! You're not supposed to know about that yet!), but anything that seriously compromises speed will not be added.

Why not start 2013 out right with a new browsing experience? First, make sure you have the Segoe UI font and the .NET framework installed on your machine, then click here to download SonicBrowser alpha 1. When you run it, press F11 to get even more of the web...

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