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The Original WMH3.com


The original WMH3.com. (Nostalgic!)


On the week of Halloween 2009, a young kid had a dream, a dream of building a website. He had no idea what a web server was or how the HTTP or FTP protocols worked at that time. All he had was a simple web hosting plan, a basic knowledge of HTML, and a dream. Over the following week, that dream slowly morphed into reality...

And on the night before Halloween, that dream became WMH3.com.

Over the past three-and-a-half years, WMH3.com has changed greatly to include everything from the Daily Cup of Joe to Windows programs and C code. But it's still revolved around its original purpose: to provide users with relevant and interesting tidbits.

Recently, the original concept design for WMH3.com (then stylized Wmh3.com), thought lost until then, was relocated. In celebration of three years of existence, we've reuploaded the concept site for your perusing.

"Sherman! Set the wayback machine for 10/30/2009!"

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