Learn Programming in Five Minutes?


Well, Maybe Not...


Welcome to EasyBTL, the world's only compiler and development environment for BTL (the Basic Text-based Language)! We've decided that since many people are interested in programming, they need a simple, easy-to-learn language. So we created BTL!

This is how easy it is to write programs in BTL. If you wanted to write "Hello, world!" to the screen, you would use the following code:

write{Hello, world!}


BTL is a great learning tool since it requires no knowledge of specific types of data storage (e.g. strings and arrays.) We are still working on variable support, but hopefully that will be coming soon!

To make it easier for you to learn programming, we've included a "Learn" tab in the development environment. More topics are coming with every update!


All you have to do to obtain and set up the development environment is click here, then click "Install." The setup program will install any prerequisites that are absent and then begin installing EasyBTL.


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